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Restaurants and Places to Visit in Colombo, ThumbsUp
Hi folks,

We are in 2016. Weekly has gone by. When you all know, we in ThumbsUp.lk review about your favouirte restaurants. We talk about your go-to shopping places. We video-blog regarding your favourite little cafes. We promote businesses. We post about new deals making your shopping a memorable experience. We dig into Colombo�s nightlife. We speak about places to see and the places to stay. In a simple way, we have been here to help you.

About ThumbsUp, a Guide to Colombo
This can be 2016. And we are here to stay. Were here to help you in every single possible way we can. Were planning on doing more video-blogging about your favourite places. (Have you check out how they build your favourite latte in Barista Lavazza? And why don�t you intend on a breakfast date at Cioconat? Because it�s best to see than just read it. But that�s not all. We intend on writing reviews for cafes, restaurants and whatnot with catchy pictures.

Find Best Merchants around town with ThumbsUp.lk

We are here to assist you about travelling. An advanced travel buff, stick with us, and allow wanderlust take over you. We have been here to help you locate the best hotel deals and discounts. Produce a home away from home.

To the bookworms, we are here that will help you find about the best bookshops in Sri Lanka, from Maradana used bookshops to Chapters in Colombo 04. Let’s talk about the pharmacies across town and your favourite supermarkets. Share your knowledge of us! We always invite you and ThumbsUp.lk is a location for your voice.

Go to Waters� Edge premises, Diyatha Uyana and Viharamahadevi Park in weekends. We are going to write about that, too. Go shop at your favourite outfitters as the myriads of city lights overlook. Eat healthy this year. Maybe it�s time you don�t always search around for Nutella sandwiches. Instead, it�s time you check out Calorie Counter for any healthy breakfast. Count your calories. We are going to help you find the hottest deals and newbies around town.

And this is not only about Colombo. We anticipate exploring the rest of Sri Lanka, too. Licensed to Grill serves the most effective street food in Kandy and Art Caf� Umbrella in Ella has got the loveliest interior. Go and explore them. And show how you loved the authenticity in Galle�s Crepe-ology. Did the flowers bloom beside those little joints in Gregory Lake in Nuwara Eliya? Reveal about that, too.

We didn�t ignore the gadget nerds either. Neither did we ignore the salon next door nor your favourite spa. And we might never. If you started a bit homebased business and want to market it, don�t worry. Promote it along with us and get the best customers.

These are generally only a few things we plan on doing. As always, there�s more to it. Stay with us. Drop a note on Facebook or tweet us what you believe. We always welcome your comments. Read about your favourite merchants, rate and comment them. Share these with your friends. Let us revolutionize the marketplace while we help you.


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